Christine Girard, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist - Psychoanalyst

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My Clinical Approach

As a relational psychotherapist/analyst I strongly believe in the importance of creating a genuine, trusting, honest, and lively patient-therapist relationship. I see it as my responsibility to create a safe space that will make it possible for you to trust and "take risks". Hopefully, a new, healing relationship will develop that I view as important as gaining insight into the problems that are being explored. It will constitute a break from old and repetitive patterns of relating to others that tend to perpetuate maladaptive emotions and behaviors.

I think and work psychoanalytically, which means that I recognize the existence of an "unconscious motivation" and the importance of your developmental history. My training gave me expertise in human behavior, development, relationships and psychopathology, among other areas, tools that allow me to play the role of guiding you in your exploration of yourself and the environment that has contributed to and currently contributes to your sense of self, well-being or discomfort. Your role as my patient is to be an active observer and participant.

Psychotherapy (and psychoanalysis) is an exciting journey that can be difficult at times, but also very rewarding. As therapist and patient we mutually influence each other, and that relationship is shaped by us both throughout the process. It is a collaborative work of exploration in the search for understanding and meaning. The self-knowledge and the greater emotional stability and strength that will be gained will increase your freedom to make choices that will no longer (or less) be dictated by elements of the past.

Dr. Christine Girard - Clinical Psychologist - Psychoanalyst  |  250 West 90th Street, Suite 12J New York, NY 10024 Telephone: (212) 769-3271